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Porn Terminator uses a wide range of algorithms to detect porn on a PC as outlined below:
5th Generation SkinScan Technology Nudity Detection in Images and Videos is performed by calculating the amount of skin color and curvature.

5nd Generation SkinScan Technology


Porn Terminator employs that latest porn detection SkinScan algorithm to perform skin tone analysis on images. This enables Porn Terminator to detect skin color in images. By opening an image and calculating the amount of skin and curvature, Porn Terminator is able to determine whether or not an image is pornography.
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Porn videos are also detected using the SkinScan algorithm. For every video, various frames are scanned as images and the results are averaged to determine if a video is pornorgraphy. The first few frames are ignored as they may contain titles. Users have the option in the configuration settings to determine how many frames are scanned per video.
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Keyword Scanning

Since most porn files usually have obscene names, Porn Terminator utilizes a keyword-scanning algorithm to scan all files for obscene words in their name. Such files include Internet history files, temporary Internet files, audio files, text files, and Microsoft word files.
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Internet Files

Porn Terminator scans Internet history files, temporary Internet files and cookies. Objectionable content is displayed including the date of last visit for Internet history (IE Only).
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Disguised Files

Porn Terminator scans & detects files that had their extension changed to hide their true identity and lists them for previewing.



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